WELL...It's been a wild ride from opening our first "OJK" in September 2016 through to our Kickstarter campaign to help raise finds to bring "OJK 2" to Quorn! After 30 days of appealing to the heart of the community, the crowdfunding campaign finished on an overwhelming high with a grand total of £42,381.00 raised, MASSIVELY going beyond our expectations and exceeding the original target of £16,000!

The team behind the campaign at Odd John & Family Ltd are beyond ecstatic and delighted with the result as we cannot have achieved this without the overwhelming support from the members of public!

So...after much planning, building, creating, training and endless cups of coffee, we are there and doors are open!

We just wanted to say a HUGE heartfelt thank you everyone who has supported us so far especially our Kickstarter pledgers!

Adam Smith
Alec Betteridge
Alex Rozentals
Ali Allan
Alison Doughty
Alison Modlen
Alison WIlliams
Alison Yates
Amanda Johnson
Amy Barnes
Andy Bowyer
Angela Bishop
Angela Sibley-White
Anne Key
Ash Payne
Ben Parker
Bill & Emma Cregeen
Bill & Reeta Kumar
Cheryl Timms
Chris Hunt
Chris, Sarah & Florrie
Christy John
Damian Williamson
Dan Robberts
Daniel Murphy
David & Anne Highton
David & Sarah Hill
David Ward
David Willis
David Yates
Dawn Henfrey
Denise & Graham Baines
Derick Everington
Donna Willis
Drew Jemmett
Ed Toone
Elizabeth Stokoe
Emma Anthony
Emma Brown
Emma Pearson
Emma Robinson
Erica Hedworth
Evonne Okafor
Farah Jack
Fiona Simpson
Florence & Bow
Freda Swain
Gabriella Hay
Gavin & Sue Chapman
Georgina Neal
Gillian Hugman Perkins
Hayden Newton
Helen Edwards
Helen Morton
Ian Alcock
Jabberjacks Children's Parties & Classes
Jade Dexter
James Alvey
James Curtis
James Groom
Jay Acharya
Jessica Payne
Jessica Taylor
Jim Lee
John Bishop
Jonny Appleton
Jovan Byford
Judy Fallon
Julia Dyer
Julian Berrill
Julie Smalley
Justin Waring
Kate Cox
Katie Byres
Katie Thomas
Kelly Fudge
Kelly-Marie Tucker
Kevan Porter
Kim Winspear
Laura Alexander-Hardy
Lemony Bird
Liam King
Lisa Burgoyne
Lois Lewis
Louise McGunnigle
Lucy Bartram
Lucy Hebden
Lucy Rossa
Lynne Warren
Maggie Williams
Margaret & Alan Green
Marie Inder
Mark Hessey
Mark White
Martin Key
Martin Sheldon
Mary Harlow
Mary May
Mary Toone
Matt Barnes
Matthew Lacey
Michael Cripps
Michelle Shelton
Mike Jervis
Mike Powell
Monika Roberts
Nichole Dryburgh
Nick Barton
Nicole Smith
Pat & Malcolm Brown
Paul Cooper
Paul Waring
Peter Cooledge
Peter Foot
Rachel Challen
Rebecca Edmonds
Rhiannon Payne
Rugby Tots - Loughborough
Russell Webster
Ruth Fell-Williams
Ruth MacQueen
Sallyann Fowles
Sandra Thornton
Sara Bosley
Sarah Armson
Sarah Eldredge
Sarah Jebbet
Shaun Tweed
Sian Clark
Simon Baines
Simon Brown
Simon Maddox
Sophie Allen-Frew
Stefan Brown
Sue Brown
Sue Pringle
Sue Templeman
Susan Chambers
Susan Thorpe
Susan Tyler
Thomas Lowman
Tracey Fallon
Verity Charity
Vivienne Galloway
Watanabe Muneyuki
Wendy Olphert


Much love - Jay, Odd John himself, Danny, Kirsty & Darren (Managers) and the rest of the Odd John team