I love to craft and be creative, so when we organised a needle felting night hosted by the uniquely talented Maggie from Heartfelt I was beyond excited. I was mixing my favourite things, woodland animals, craft and cake. What’s not to love?

A keen crafter myself I have never tried needle felting and I was amazed at how easy it was to pick up. Following a quick demonstration within minutes the ladies were happily creating their own little woodland animal from a selection of patterns that Maggie had brought along. We chatted happily as we worked puzzling at our misshapen clumps of wool as they formed into squirrels, badgers and sheep! Though the rain poured we were cosy in the deli with candles and fairy lights and lots of tea and coffee as we worked.

Maggie was on hand to give expert advice and helpful hints (such as concentrate or you will prick your fingers!) throughout our evening. After a brief coffee stop and a sneaky bit of cake we were off again to finish our creatures before the end of the night. When it was finally time to leave we all had made our own unique felted creature, all of us having a very different finished project! I do love my little squirrel, although his eyebrows are a tad scary and his face is a bit wonky!

The evening was enjoyed by all of the ladies and I am very much looking forward to our next crafty night when we will be making felted birds. I love all things creative and find it therapeutic to make something beautiful which is also completely unique. This night had been fantastic opportunity to relax and learn something new with the lovely Maggie, who also offered a take home kit to those who really caught the felting bug as it is quite addictive!

I can’t wait to plan more craft evenings in the deli, so keep an eye on Facebook events page, our events board in the deli or click here to find out what we are up to next!


Ellie in the Deli